Monday, March 31, 2014

Migrating to Static, Self-Hosted Blog

Hello, readers.

Soon, I'll be moving away from the Blogger platform to a statically hosted blog. I've been playing with hakyll for some time now, and am pleased with it's support for syntax highlighting, markup formats, RSS/Atom generation, and packaged Warp.

It'll be great to develop my blog with emacs, leveraging git for backup and rsync for deployment.


* Less latency
* A home-grown design
* More code samples, with pretty highlighting

With possibly:

* More frequent posts

Stay tuned. I'll be releasing the new blog by the end of the week!


  1. Interesting! Please post about your setup! =)

  2. I'll certainly do so! :D

    I've been having a good time learning the ins and outs of Hakyll. I'm getting close - I expect to be up and running with it by tomorrow night. Once it's ready to go, I'll mirror to Github and soon after, write about what I've learned.